Keyless gate opener with Mobile

Often having trouble finding the keys?

Expensive to replace the remotes?

opening with mobile


The required app can be downloaded free from the App Store, or Google Play Store. Can be used with Apple Iphone 4S with iOS 8 and up, or Android 4.4 and up

Your phone can replace all your gate openers at home or in the office

No need to search for your keys any more our app will offer the desired one instantly. Using our controller is safer than traditional keys and remotes in many ways. One can only enter after acquiring proper authorization. A single ulockme device is capable of controlling multiple gates, lights or other household devices.

The controller is compatible with all electric locks or garage doors, your current gate opener remote will operate paralell with ulockme. Range can be extend up to 100 meters with an external antenna option.


Our product combines multilevel security solutions to best serve clients at home or in the office, thus making sure that only persons with proper authorization are able to use ulockme protected entrances. Data stored on a device, wireless communication and all layers of software operation are protected by outstanding security solutions.

We think different than most of the intelligent lock manufacturers and do not rely on builtin Wireless security.We do not use cloud based identification methods, instead we integrate every message into an ECDSA + ECDH + AES encrypted capsule. This method is widely used in many countries for encryption purposes in the banking sector or for personal identification (ID cards).




Primarily for private home owners. Control up to 4 electric gates, garage doors, or other switches, e.g. garden lighting.

• Control of 4 gates, or lights per unit
• Range up to 100m
• Outstanding multilevel security
• Thousands of keys in own memory
• Simple mobile application
• Temporary, recurring and continous keys
• Sharable and send able keys

Package includes:
• Detailed instructions for installation
• Hardware device


The PRO package furthermore contains a WiFi module and a palm-size server device. This is the perfect solution for the hospitality sector. With this you are able to connect controllers to the internet via WiFi, thus enabling remote logging and setting capabilities through your mobile device. You can also control devices from within your preferred internet browser.

• Manage devices through WIFI or Internet
• Web browser management interface
• Controll all of gates on a combined interface
• Notifications through internet

Package includes:
• Detailed instructions for installation
• Mini management server device
• Hardware device with WiFi module

Comfort above all!

No more searching for keys if ulockme controls the doors of your home.


You can install our app on your device from AppStore or Google Play. The ulockme app will recognize close by gate controllers and after a successful registration process you are able to open it.

The controller stores the registered key and enables the usage of it. Software functions, wireless communication and data stored on your device are protected by state of the art encryption.

You are able to preregister a user or share your key with anyone by sending an activation code. He or she can activate the key on that controller and open the door with the mobile device.


Administration and authorization

  • Frequently need new and new keys?

  • Need to replace a lock because of lost or stolen keys?

  • Need to grant temporary access to guests or maintainers while away from home?

  • Forgot to recover keys from previous tenants in an apartment complex?

Duplicating or recovering keys is as simple as a touch of a button from now on. With the help of these keys it is your choice when to grant or to deny someone access to entering a specific door.

Distributed keys can be managed through the mobile app, or through WiFi and an internet browser in case of the PRO and NET packages.

We can even create recurring or permanent keys to given time periods. Contrary to traditional numeric code gate openers, you are able to terminate or permit the usage of keys previously distributed, thus a user with an expired key will not be able to enter the door.