Range up to 100m

Simple mobile application

Control of 4 gates, or lights per unit

Thousands of keys in own memory


Ulockme is a phone controlled secure system developed in Hungary. With the help of an app we are able to remotely control electric appliances surrounding us. A single ulockme controller is capable of controlling up to 4 electric devices, be it locks, garage doors, gates, or lights. It also has a function of opening locks on approaching it. It is simply installable on already existing electric locks, garage doors in your home. There is no need for internet connection to operate it. It is equipped with state of the art security covering wireless communication, data storage and software layers. With the use of an external antenna operating range can be extended to a distance of 100m.


Our product combines multilevel security solutions to best serve clients at home or in the office, thus making sure that only persons with proper authorization are able to use ulockme protected entrances.

Data stored on a device, wireless communication and all layers of software operation are protected by outstanding security solutions. We think different than most of the intelligent lock manufacturers and do not rely on built in Wireless security. We do not use cloud based identification methods, instead we integrate every message into an ECDSA + ECDH + AES encrypted capsule. This method is widely used in many countries for encryption purposes in the banking sector or for personal identification (ID cards).