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Ulockme lets you control your garage door or gate with your smartphone instead of your traditional remote control. Due to the built-in Wireless the device will detect that you are nearby and allow you to open the garage door or gate without a traditional key. Therefore you can use your smartphone as your key.
Due to the 4 built-in relays you can connect your Ulockme device up to 4 electric gates or doors. However, the Ulockme application can handle unlimited number of gates.
Our device is compatible with any kind of electric garage doors, gates or barriers, regardless the brand.
At the moment no, but we are working on the solution.
You don’t need Internet access to using this product. You can use your Ulockme device offline. Your phone able to connect to the Ulockme device. 
Yes, it can be downloaded from AppStore for iOS and Google Play for Android operating systems.
The Ulockme device is compatible with all mobile phones using iOS™ 8.0 (or newer), Android™ OS 4.4 (or newer) operating systems and having Bluetooth® 4.0 technology.
Ulockme uses the same security solution as new German electronic identity card,  They use ECDH for key exchange and ECDSA for digital signatures. This secure end-to-end solution between your phone and the gate opener. This outstanding technology with state-of-the-art security procedures help protect your accounts from unauthorized access.
No worries, in emergency you can control your gates with your traditional remote control as well.
If you prepare a secound mobile in your household with administrator privilege, you can disable or delete your stolen mobile imediately with it. After it you can authorize a new phone.
No, there is no monthly charge to use Ulockme and its key sharing features.
The upcoming Network version targeted to Facilities will be a paid subscription service for managing large number of nertwork managed openers and users.
The retail price of Ulockme will be 199EUR.  which can control 4 gates in 1 device.
It includes the Ulockme device, a Quick start guide and an optional external antenna connectior.
Please note you will need a screwdriver, cables and screws (optional) for the installation.
The manufacturer assures a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

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